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Helicopter Photo Albums

The following photo albums contain pictures I've taken, or had taken of my own or friends' helicopters,
and of fly-ins and air shows. No picture from this site may be used without permission.


Misc. Albums and Links


Fly-Ins, Air Shows, Events

Beginning in Helicopters & Training


Fly-Ins & Event Photos (Updated Oct 15, 2007)

RotorWay 162F



Brantly B-2B N2150U


Homer Bell's 1999

Flying in Pennsylvania


Homer Bell's 2000

Army Helicopter Photos


Homer Bell's 2001

Niagara Falls, Canada (Nov 2003)


Homer Bell's 2002

XC Flight: Pittsburgh - St. Louis (Jun 2003)


Homer Bell's 2003

XC Flight: Pittsburgh - Outer Banks (Jun 2005)


Homer Bell's 2004

XC Flight: New York - Texas (May 2007)


Homer Bell's 2006

XC Flight: Pittsburgh - New York City (Nov 2007)


Homer Bell's 2007

XC Flight: Oklahoma - Pittsburgh (Jun 2008)


Homer Bell's 2008

XC Flight: San Diego Myrtle Beach - Pittsburgh (Mar 2010)


Homer Bell's 2009

XC Flight: Pittsburgh - Nashville (May 2011)



XC Flight: Pittsburgh - Philadelphia (Nov 2011) 


HAI Heli-Expo 2006 

XC Flight: Pittsburgh Myrtle Beach (2012) 


Rotorfest 2002 


Rotorfest 2007


Cherry Ridge Helicopter Fly-In 2010




Helicopter Rides and Flight Instruction




Helicopter Aerobatics DVD